See an enormous hamantash in NYC this weekend

By Anna Rahmanan | Pretty Kosher

This Sunday, March 3, Purim celebrations are kicking off at Congregation Orach Chaim at 1459 Lexington Avenue by 95th Street in uptown Manhattan when a colossal 50-pound hamantash created by Strauss Bakery will be on display for all to see (and, perhaps, eat) as part of a larger event focusing on the upcoming holiday.

From 11am to 2pm, volunteers of all ages are asked to show up to assemble packages of raw groceries to distribute to those in need as part of a Chop ‘n Pack, a program carried forward by Masbia, the only kosher soup kitchen in Brooklyn.

The event will also focus on the debut of Hamantaschen for Hunger, a new initiative that seeks to distribute the Jewish festival’s iconic pastries to folks around the nation. Think of the program, which you can read more about right here, as a gift box filled with hamantaschen of different flavors that you can send to just about anyone you like.

Certified kosher, the treats are baked by—you guessed it—Strauss Bakery… which brings us back to that enormous cookie on display this weekend.

Filled with apricot jam, the treat is on a 42×42 board and, although it won’t be for sale, it is certainly edible, just in case you want to sneak a bite in.

You can sign up to be a volunteer at the event, where many NYC officials and famous Jewish cookbook authors are expected to make appearances as well, right here.