About Strauss Bakery

Strauss Bakery proudly donates bread and challah to the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network to support the noble cause of feeding the needy, year-round. Located in the heart of the Boro Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, Strauss Bakery stands as a testament to the artistry and tradition of Kosher baking since its establishment in 1960. With an unwavering commitment to quality, kashrus (under CRC Brooklyn), and exceptional service, Strauss Bakery has risen from a beloved local bakery to a nationally acclaimed institution.


Strauss Bakery’s culinary magic is crafted by a crew of French pastry chefs. Each beautiful creation is a masterpiece designed and baked to perfection. More recently, Strauss Bakery was involved in producing the Guinness World Records largest challah. Their commitment to quality and tradition is further exemplified by their assortment of seasonal holiday pastries, ensuring that every occasion is celebrated with delight. Their hamantaschen was even featured on CBS News. Strauss currently produces hamantaschen in more than a dozen different gourmet flavors! Get yours here.

On March 12, 2024 The New Your Jewish Week Ran a Story with the headline: At a busy Borough Park bakery, it’s time to make the hamantaschen. Cech it out, here. 

Hamantaschen for Hunger Strauss Bakery Purim Challah charity

Tzvi Goldstein, of Strauss Bakery, helping raise a trailer load of challah for Masbia during COVID.